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Well it’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything new so here you go. This track was written in about two days. I’m really not sure what style to call it, but hey what the heck. I’m calling it ‘Control’ based on what I feel when I listen to it. Anyways, have a listen and let me know what you think.

Faber – Control


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Here you go folks,

Another new tune. This one is a break beat style track with a wicked sick bassline.

Enjoy: Faber – Pandora

Polydome (Dreams Remix)

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Another day another tune. Here you go, a remix of my Polydome tune. The dreams remix of this tune contains a different beat line, different bassline as well as additional melody synths to add fullness to it.

You will also notice that this track is more in the drum and bass style and is faster. This allows you to rock it in a moderm dnb mix =)

Anyways, here you go: Faber – Polydome (Dreams Remix)


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Hello Everyone,

Here is my latest work. I put this together a few nights ago. All told this tune represents about 8 hours worth of work. The samples you hear are from the epic movie Dark City – one of my personal favorites.

The general feeling behind this tune was to generate something in the pure techno style of the mid 90’s. It uses only 4 virtual instraments — yet many drum tracks to really give it some life. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it, and remember – Play it loud!

To download this track click here: Faber – Killer

Music Box

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A breaks style electronica track set at 145 BPM

Music Box is the first really ‘polished’ track I’ve done. It’s got a breakbeat bass line and style to it, but is more electronica styled around great works by Aphex Twin’s works.

This track was produced on Cubase SX3. It utilize Chameleon5000, impOSCar, FM8, and Guru VSTi’s.

Generally speaking, I would say that this track took me about 16 hours of work over a week. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it:

Faber – Music Box


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Eclipse – Another modern Drum and Bass styled track

Well here you go folks, Another drum and bass styled track. This tune is done more in the Liquid Drum and Bass style. The beats, bass lines, and synth’s are all unique to this track. The vocal samples you hear are from the movie 1408.


This tune uses 14 different tracks, 5 tracks for the drums and the bass line, 7 tracks worth of synth’s and 2 tracks of audio samples.

As a side note – I’ve shelved the audio on this as well just this time I took it down from about 80Hz rather than my standard 100Hz cut.

I produced this tune in about 4 days, with about 20 hours of work total in it. This tune was produced on Cubase using the following VSTi’s

  • Guru
  • SimSynth
  • imposCAR
  • FM8
  • Vanguard

Additionally TC Native Works Reverb filter, the stock Cubase ModDelay filter and others were used to polish things up.

I hope you enjoy this one, I sure do and as always, please leave feed back!

– Faber


To listen to this mix click on the link below:

Faber – Eclipse


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Another week, another track… This one is just plan old electronica styled…

Well, here you go. A 15 channel electronica track I toss together in a few days. The goal behind this track was to utilize vocal samples from beatport, as well as some new synth’s I discovered.

 Faber – Polydome


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Hi everyone,

Here is the latest piece of work I’m releasing to the world. This is a drum and bass track called Rubberband. I hope you enjoy!

This is an 18 channel drum and bass styled track. It’s modeled after some of the stuff I like that Klute and produced. I also barrowed some ideas from various other well known producers. This is the first track I’ve done which has a reasonably complex drum line, and I’ve been told by people who have heard this that it’s got a lot more depth to it vs some of the others I’ve put together.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy:


Faber – Rubberband

I’ve also remixed this tune and included some cool vocal samples

Faber – Rubberband (Planet Earth Remix)