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New Site launched

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Hi Folks,

I’ve become generally tired of the old site and design. I’m pretty much fed up with Joomla junk at this point and have decided that wordpress makes for a better solution to my needs. As you can see I’ve re-organized much of the site, however all of the music and features seen on the old site will soon be made available here.


Faber’s production studio

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Hi Folks,

I thought some of you might be interested in what kind of production equipment I’m using currently.

Generally for natural effects I use equipment down in our Mix Studio. However when producing or remixing, or even sometimes remastering various bits of audio and video I use the production studio. This is a small bedroom that has been retro-fitted for this task.


Production Studio Room


So from left to right, what you see here:

 Event ASP8 Studio reference monitor

Event ASP8


Oxygen8 keyboard connected via MIDI not USB (USB sucks ass on these things)

M-Audio Oxygen8


BCF2000 motorized midi controller mixer interface

BCF2000 Mixer


2 Sceptre 20.1" Wide screen LCD panels Both monitors are attached to an Ergotron LX dual monitor arm mount (Very nice) Various USB accessories (mostly external disks) The DAW…  

The DAW is an Intel based Microsoft Windows PC with 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM, Intel Q6600 (G0, OC’d to 3.2GHz on Air cooling), 80GB SATA disk, M-Audio Delta 2496 Audiophile card, and an  Nvidia 9600GT video card.

I run Cubase SX with various free and commercial virtual instruments(VSTi).

This is all connected to an APC UPS. The reason behind the UPS was not so much to keep the system up in the even of a power failure (which is nice) but more to filter the line noise generated by the PC from the audio amp that drive the speakers (This can be a big problem).

With this rig I’ve been able to produce many of the tunes on this site. If you’ve got any more questions please comment.

– Faber