Eclipse – Another modern Drum and Bass styled track

Well here you go folks, Another drum and bass styled track. This tune is done more in the Liquid Drum and Bass style. The beats, bass lines, and synth’s are all unique to this track. The vocal samples you hear are from the movie 1408.


This tune uses 14 different tracks, 5 tracks for the drums and the bass line, 7 tracks worth of synth’s and 2 tracks of audio samples.

As a side note – I’ve shelved the audio on this as well just this time I took it down from about 80Hz rather than my standard 100Hz cut.

I produced this tune in about 4 days, with about 20 hours of work total in it. This tune was produced on Cubase using the following VSTi’s

  • Guru
  • SimSynth
  • imposCAR
  • FM8
  • Vanguard

Additionally TC Native Works Reverb filter, the stock Cubase ModDelay filter and others were used to polish things up.

I hope you enjoy this one, I sure do and as always, please leave feed back!

– Faber


To listen to this mix click on the link below:

Faber – Eclipse